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Bubba Sprint - August 24, 2002

Warrior Peak, Near Evergreen CO
August 24, 2002

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This contest is sponsored by the Arizona Scorpions QRP club.  It is a 4 hour contest that runs from noon to 4 PM in my time zone.  I decided to operate the contest at the last minute so I picked a spot that I could get to pretty easily.  Warrior Peak is right next to the hiway as you drive from Bergen Park, CO to Mount Evans.

Conditions for the contest seemed poor andn I didn't hear a lot of stations.  I ended up packing up after only about 2 hours and a good part of that time was spent wandering around enjoying the scenery!

This is the northerly view from the operating site.

And the westerly view.

My antenna was  a dipole affixed to the top of a 33' fiberglass mast.  If you look closely here, you can see how I supported the mast.  I duct taped it to a handy tree... no other supports... just tape!

Here's the antenna.

My operating position.

Just a cool old tree nearby.