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Colorado Trail -Segment 6A

Sep 8, 2003

Segment 6A  - Kenosha Pass to Jefferson Lake Trailhead

Distance: 6 miles

Elevation Gain: approx 700 feet

Segment 6 of the trail is a long 32 miles.  We did the main chunk of the trail earlier this summer but left this 6 mile chunk as a nice day hike for later.  Sep 8 was the later!  We drove to the Jefferson Lake Trailhead and dropped a car and then back tracked to Kenosh pass and were on the trail by 9AM.  This hike was a pretty gentle hike the whole way.  We hiked on a cool, rainy day and as we walked through the many aspen groves felt like we were in a rain forest.  Hiking with day packs only, we made terrific time and covered the 6 miles in less then 2 hours.  Below are a few pictures from the hike.

After a mile or so we top out at this view of the South Park

Gail & Terry with the dogs (Ellie Mae & Francie)

Halfway in we crossed a small creek with excellent camping

The creek and camping are drive in accessible.