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ARCI Spring Contest April 11, 1999

Near Bailey, Colorado & Meridian Campground
Latitude 39 Degree 32 Minute North
Longitude 105 Degree 32 Minute West

April 11, 1999

View Log - Log of all contacts made

View QSLs Received - Images of all QSL cards received (will be updated as cards are received)

Following are pictures of the TXpedition!!!!!

Here's the 'Rig in a Bag'
equipment.  Rig is an mfj-9020
that worked like a champ.
 Little keyer in front is a white
rock paddle with a tick keyer
built into the base.  Power
plant, to the left and barely
visible, a 2.2 amp hour gel cel.

Here's the antenna.  A modfied version of the
famous 'Parking Lot Vertical'.  Built in the field
from a 20' black widow collapsable fishing pole
supporting a 20 meter wire vertical with 4 radials.
 I then find any handy piece of wood (in this case a
10' dead tree) and attach the fishing pole to the
wood with a couple of great big (6") hose clamps.
 The radials are guys and I take along 4 little
aluminum tent pegs and 4 bungies cords to hold it
all up.  End up with a full size quarter wave vertical
about 12 feet off the ground and it really works

Here's the operating position.
No fancy field chair, just a small
lawn chair but for these day
hikes, its pretty easy to strap the
lawn chair to the back pack
using a couple bungies and it
doesn't weigh much of anything.
 Pack and the base of the
antenna in the background.

Here's the operating site.  

And.... Here's the view from
the operating site.  If you could
see up to the left, there is a
huge rock out cropping.