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QRP Afield Contest - Sept 18, 2003

QRP Afield 2004

Warrior Mtn, Colorado
Sep 18, 2004

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We  spent the summer of 2004 moving from our mountain home to Lakewood, CO (suburb of Denver) so this was my first qrp contest of the summer.  I drove up to Warrior Mtn where I had operated from before.  The location is easy to get to... about an hour drive from my house in Lakewood and then a short (1/8 mile?) hike to the peak of the mountain.  The elevation, I believe, is a little over 11,000 ft.  The peak of the mountain is a bunch of rocks with 2 or 3 small scrubby trees.  I put one of the small scrubby trees to use as an antenna support.  I took two antennas with me and two poles for support.... a 33' kanga pole and a 20' black widow crappie pole.  Both of these were taped to the small tree with duct tape and that was all the support they needed!  On the 33' pole I attached a 44' (22' on a side) doublet broadside east and west.  On the 20' pole I put a 44' doublet broadside north/south.  Part of the goal here was to see how much difference I could hear in the antennas.  As you would expect the higher, east/west dipole was superior in almost all situations, usually providing what seemed like a 6 dbi boost.  The only qsos I made that I would expect the shorter north/south dipole to be superior were a few Texas contacts.  And, I wasn't disappointed.  The few Texas contacts I made seemed to be about 6dbi up on the shorter, north/south dipole.  I made a total of 49 qsos, 22 spcs and 10780 points.  Not a huge day but the weather was great and I had a good time.  

Great fun working some  Colorado stations that were familiar:  W0RW working pedestrian mobile and KG5N working nearby with his sierra plus N0TK/Dan down in Littleton.