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Rosalie Peak Hike - Nov 12, 2001

Rosalie Peak, Colorado
Near Bailey, Colorado
Nov 12, 2001

Log of Contacts

All QSL's from contacts

I got a day off for Veterans Day and hike with a friend, Dave, up Deer Creek and Tanglewood trails to Rosalie Peak.  This is in the Mt Evans Wilderness area of Colorado.  We arrived at the trail head at about 9:00AM and returned at a few minutes after 4 in the afternoon.  The hike was 4 miles each way.  Beginning elevation was 9200 feet and the ending elevation 12000 feet.  Weather was perfect all day with temps in the upper forties.  Excellent for the beginning of November at that elevation.  We actually hiked to a saddle, on the continental divide, just to the east of Rosalie Peak.  We went a short distance on the other side of the saddle looking for Roosevelt Lakes but returned to the ridge to avoid any more hiking through snow that was about a foot deep in most places.  I took the K1 and my new 'mountain topper 2' homebrew vertical.  When I first set up I sent a series of CQ's with not reply and thought it was going to be a slow day.  Finally, I replied to a CQ by WA6CNQ and he heard me.  Had a short qso and he thought my vfo was drifting a little so I was worried that I might be low on batteries.  Shortly after, I answered a cq  from N9LXR (Tim).  He replied to me... my signal was very weak at first but picked up toward the end and we had a great chat.  After signing with Tim, I got a call from N7DMA (Karl) in Tucson, AZ..... Very nice qso especially cuz he had seen my post to QRPL that I would be on the air and also I had worked Karl about a month earlier when I was operating from Mt Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado.

It was a beautiful day but as we got started it looked like it might be a snowy hike!

Had some great views on the way up!

As we left treeline, the trees started looking like they would rather be a few thousand feet lower.

We reached the top and finally got to see the other side of the mountain.

We hike a short distance down the other side but after wading through a lot of snow decided to return to the top.  This is the view of the snow field as we returned to the top from the other side.

Dave stayed in pretty good spirits in spite of his cold and wet tennis shoes!

Finally decided it was time to put up the rig and....

Get another picture or two of one of the man made works of art on the mountain.

Finally, I operated for about 45 minutes and made qso's with California, New Jersey and Arizona.